Abrena Charlene Mae Macaraeg

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marymount Blk 309 (KN)

Abrena Charlene Mae Macaraeg
25 Oct

Every Drop Counts- Water is Precious

We all need water to survive. The same is true with animals and plants. We rely on water for various purposes. It is vital for all life’s sustenance. Therefore, we need to work hand in hand to save water.

As part of the project, children were firstly introduced to the sources of water in Singapore. They have learnt that there are four water sources in Singapore known as the Four National Taps- Desalinated Water, Water from Local Catchment, Imported Water and NEWater (high-grade reclaimed water).

Children also had a fun time watching Zemily Leaw as she shared the exciting adventures of Water Wally and Sally with their animal friends. With these, children learnt about water conservation in an engaging and entertaining way. They were encouraged to practise good water habits and to use water wisely.

To further extend their knowledge, the teachers prepared an activity for the children to work on with their parents. They had to create a poster on the sources of water in Singapore which they had posted on a Padlet Wall(a web app that lets users post notes on a digital wall) created by their class teachers.

Let us do our part to save water and save life!

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