Khalsa Kindergarten

30 Jul 2019

Embarking on our SSDB - Singapore Bicentennial on 2nd June 2019, Khalsa kindergarten.

During our June holiday programme, we extended our project ‘ Singapore Bicentennial ‘ by stepping into our next phase - ‘ Getting To Our Roots ‘.

  • Day 1 - It started off with the stories about the history of Singapore, our pioneers, diversity , heritage & our rich multi-culturalism. Children watched a power point presentation and extended their knowledge about our past.

  • Day 2 - We visited ‘ Fort Canning’ to get Singapore Bicentennial experience . The featured multimedia projection and multi sensory showcases took us through Singapore’s long history. Children catched a glimpse of the history and amazed to know that we have a remarkable history that weaves the stories of the various cultures and nations. It was a wonderful experience not only for the children , even for our teachers.

  • Day 3 : After experiencing the cinematic journey of ‘ Singapore to Singaporean’ , Children proposed the idea of dramatizing ‘ Sang Nila Uttama ‘ story . They act out as the characters to symbolize that we are part of Singapore’s history.

  • Day 4 : Children’s learning journey about Singapore extended through Music & movement. Children re-called songs of different ethnic groups and enjoyed singing and dancing.

  • Day 5 : After knowing more about Singapore and it’s history it won’t be complete if it’s not expressed through their creativity. Children drew and wrote about past, present and Future Singapore.

They wrote the slogans about how they want their future Singapore to be and proudly said, ‘We are part of Singapore’. If we want to teach our children about historical events & culture, the best place to take them are the Heritage centers. Parents took effort to bring their children to different heritage centres and made this learning journey more meaningful. Our Journey will continue ….stay tuned !! See you all again with more exiting stories during our Racial harmony day.

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