Aananth Jude Sharlene Bihag

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 415 (CC)

Aananth Jude Sharlene Bihag
14 Aug

Eco Fashion Show for Kids

The parents worked enthusiastically with their children in ideating and creating their costumes made of recyclable items. Few weeks back, the K2 teachers reached out to the parents and informed them of this year’s SSDB theme. Getting them acquainted of our advocacies will be a springboard in establishing synergy between home and school. With the support of, the children managed to create fancy and artistic costumes.

The Eco Fashion Show is a fun and interesting way of raising environmental awareness in children. This so called “sustainable fashion” does not just save natural resources but also teaches children to re-use and recycle things and produce something creative. With the concept of inspiring children to showcase their artwork, we also intend to develop their socio-emotional skills as they perform in front of others and talk about their work.

The most exciting day has finally come. A red carpet was prepared along with a backdrop decorated with various recycled items. Children couldn’t help but present their beaming smiles as they anticipate to walk on the red carpet. The girls came with dashing dresses made of plastic bags, newspaper and magazines. While some of the boys were geared up as robots, knights and astronauts using boxes, DVD’s and more.

Let’s go Singapore! Together hand in hand 🇸🇬

Walking on the red carpet with poise and confidence.

A magnificent view of a rocket launcher.

Ensembling pride in our costumes made with passion and hardwork.

What a beautiful sight!

Presenting the master chef and the super star heroine.

A tribal outfit using stripped old clothes and an iconic necklace made from sushi container.

A delightful encounter with the Knight and Shining Armour and the Dinosaur!

The models of the Eco Fashion show having so much fun!

Such an awesome costume simply made of recycled plastic bags.

Let’s turn trash into wonders!

The music room was filled with so much laughter and jovial cheers as they uplift their friends while performing. They also projected various poses and smiled cheerfully in front of the camera. As the activity ended, it left children with a memorable memento that they can all be proud of and that is being able to make wonders out of trash through a sustainable fashion.

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