Chen Wai Ling, Diane (Chen Huiling, Diane)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 (KN)

Chen Wai Ling, Diane (Chen Huiling, Diane)
3 Apr 2020

Earth Day Launch Party/Recycling Week

22-26 April 2019

Tying in with Earth Day  we held a week long recycling plastic collection drive at our center. In line with saving the environment, an e-poster was sent out to parents through our classdojo portal to inform them of our recycling collection drive. Together with the teachers, our children hand made boxes to put outside the classroom to collect the recyclables. 

On Friday 26th April, we celebrated and launched the beginning of our project in conjunction with Earth Day. We held an interactive presentation for our children to bring about awareness on the effects of plastic in our environment.

The children participated through a series of and answer and pledged at the end of the celebration to reduce and recycle plastic. This made them more aware of what are plastics and how our use of it and disposing them the wrong way can harm us and other living creatures in our environment. 

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