Tan Ruo Rui 陈姝睿

EB0009 E-Bridge Pre-School (PLCCC)

Tan Ruo Rui 陈姝睿
1 Aug 2020

E-Bridge Preschool @ 78 Edgedale Plains “Kindness begins with us! “ SSDB Launch Party

E-Bridge Preschool @ 78 Edgedale Plains

Start Small Dream Big 2020

Date: 6 July 2020

Theme: Kindness begins with us!

During the mid of July, we officially launched our Start Small Dream Big project. The aim of our project is to understand kindness and how we can do our part to show kindness to the people around us. During the launch party, we watched a short clip on kindness as well as learned the song “ Kindness is Up to Us” by KindnessSG and Mandarin song “爱心大无限”.

Following that, we discussed and had a role play on how we can show kindness to people who are in need. With this in place, we hope that the children will be inspired to show kindness to the people around us and how they can make someone’s day.

After learning to make our beverages, we took on the suggestion to make some orange juice for some of the adults in the school. Wanting to show kindness to the people around us, we went to the nearby classrooms to distribute drinks to the teachers. We gave some orange juice to the hygiene helpers as well to show our appreciation towards them. We were glad that we manage to put a smile on their faces.

The N2 children sincerely thanked all our hardworking hygiene helpers and security guards. Through these small acts of kindness, such as sending words of encouragements, we evoked joy in the spirits of the people around us!

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

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