Nurul'Ain Binte Kamil

E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

Nurul'Ain Binte Kamil
2 May 2018

E-Bridge 116A's Launch Party

Our K1 Harmonious Hearts class held our SSDB launch party on 27th April 2018. We set up tables and art materials at the multi-purpose hall and invited the rest of the school to join us. The title of our project is ‘Delivering love and happiness’ as we are committed to doing good and showing care to those around us. We also wish to spread the message of kindness and sense of duty to our schoolmates hence, we created a banner together. The K1 children painted on the hands of the younger children and assisted them to print their handprints on our banner. The K2 children added their signatures to the banner as a pledge to do good deeds. 

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