Kidz Meadow Childcare @ Yishun

23 Oct 2023

Donation Drive for All Saints Home

The children of Kidz Meadow Yishun (KMY) exhibited great enthusiasm as their families actively participated in a donation drive for All Saints Home. Families generously contributed essential items such as biscuits, tea, noodles, oil, and denture cleaners.

Filled with joy, the children engaged in meaningful activities such as crafting sensory bottles, vases, and painting plastic flowers to bring a touch of brightness to the lives of the residents at All Saints Home.

In a collaborative effort involving representatives from the SSDB team, the school’s principal, Mdm Juriyah, and dedicated parent volunteer, Mdm Noorhidayah, along with three young ambassadors from N2-K2, a visit to All Saints Home was organized to deliver the collected donations.

Highlighting the occasion, Kidz Meadow’s 2023 valedictorian, Idris from K2B, along with Muhammad Uthman and Muhammad Zaid, presented a short performance. Joined by Ms. Karina from All Saints Home, they demonstrated how residents could engage their hands through the rhythmic shaking of sensory bottles while enjoying a simple song.

This collaborative effort not only showcased the family’s generosity but also fostered a heartwarming connection between Kidz Meadow and All Saints Home.

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