Tan Hui Jun

Little Atlas Preschool

Tan Hui Jun
29 Nov 2022

Connecting with Community

We welcomed a group of students from Broadrick Secondary School to Little Atlas Preschool! The students led our Little Innovators from Kinder Edison (K2) in a lesson on recycling and environmental awareness, aiming to encourage dialogue about environmental education through these activities. They began with some dance exercises before leading the children in a team effort to build the tallest tower with recyclable materials. Lastly, the children engaged in a clay-making activity. 🌏🌳

Our Innovators thoroughly enjoyed the Environmental Education programme by the Broadrick Secondary School students! They had a lot of fun building the tallest tower in their groups using recyclable materials and demonstrated great teamwork with one another. The children were laser-focused as they used clay to mould their own creations and worked tirelessly on their pieces!

Through this sharing session, our little ones learned that the use of recycled materials brings them equal joy and fun as having new materials. This definitely helped our little ones ponder over how they could advocate the use of recycled materials. A window has definitely been opened in promoting conversation on caring for our environment.

In addition, the secondary school students partnered themselves with each of our innovators during their clay-making activity. This buddy system created opportunities for them to converse and deliver their ideas on what they want to construct. It was heartwarming to see the older ones lend a helping hand and being patient with their little partners.

Although the time was short, Kinder Edison definitely built a rapport with their older partners. They also acquired knowledge on how the buddy system would work when they enter primary school next year.

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