Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid

An-Nur Mosque Kindergarten

Abidah Binte Abdul Hamid
24 Aug 2021

Collaboration with MIJ!

The K1 children were so excited to make friends with the students from MIJ (My Inspiring Journey), school for special needs.

Do check out the links below to find out more about them:



Due to Covid19 restrictions, we decided to make arrangements for a Zoom meet-up sessions instead. The children brought to school their favourite toy/book to show their new friends from MIJ Hub as a conversation starter.

The students from MIJ too brought some of their favourite toys to show us. We do enjoy each other’s toys very much. They are all very exciting!

We then did a music and movement activity together. We sang the song, “The more we get together”. It was so much fun!

To show our appreciation for our friends from MIJ Hub, we decided to compile the heart murals that we made just for them! We hope they like it.

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