Suzannah Chua

Enfant Educare Pte Ltd

Suzannah Chua
25 Aug

Choosing Kindness Right Where We Are

Since July, the K1 and K2 children embarked on the first part of our Start Small, Dream Big project, titled “Kindness: It’s Your Choice!”

The children had discussions about what it really means to be kind. They learned to start right where they are, and choose kindness towards the people around them. This led right up to the first part of our project, Choosing Kindness in School!

And guess what they came up with? They decided to make tokens of appreciation for the support staff in Enfant as well as the janitor of the school building!

The children were also involved in the documentation of kind acts on our “Smiles Wall” at the school lobby!

Stay tuned for the next part of our project! #ssdb2020 #ecdapartnerships #kindnessitsyourchoice

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