Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
20 Aug 2019

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall - Event : “Excursion to City Square Mall, Singapore’s First Eco-mall” on 29 January 2019 (Tuesday)

Chinese New Year is the most significant festivals among all Chinese Festive celebrations. This year, it falls in the month of February.

As one of our projects for SSDB 2019, we had organized an excursion to City Square Mall, Singapore’s First Eco-mall, for our Kindergarten One (K1) and Kindergarten Two (K2) children as our annual Pre-Chinese New Year outing for Year 2019.

In City Square Mall, the children will not only learn together about the shops, services and facilities, but also learn about variety of traditional Chinese New Year decoration, costume, food etc and more importantly, the Green’s Eco Features in the mall.

A group photograph (K1) at main entrance of City Square Mall.

A group photograph (K2) at main entrance of City Square Mall.

You can find Mall Directory Board in any typical shopping mall.

Eco-learning experience at every level

“In rainforest, animals like lemurs climb vines to reach the forest canopy.”

Eco-playground is made of wood sourced from forest product producers that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a certification system that promotes responsible forest management worldwide. It is one of the ways to help in conserving our environment.

In this butterfly garden, it contains specially selected plants that resemble butterflies. Such as (i) Butterfly Bush; (ii) Ixora ‘light pink’; and etc.

This huge Angsana tree was conserved throughout the construction phase, a demonstration of commitment to caring for the environment.

Pollutions and global warming can really affect us.

“Clothes, toys, books and stationery, electronics and household appliances can be donated at this EcoBank Collection Point.”

Non-perishable food items that are unopened, unused and with at least 4 weeks of shelf life can be deposited in these “Food Banks”.

GREENLOTS Charging Stations for charging Electric Cars, Eco-friendly vehicles.

“Wow! Shopping at DAISO! A fun shopping experience for all of us.”

“Wow! There are so many for me to choose. I need to make a choice now.

“Teachers, we have done!”

“We learn to queue up for making payment!”

“Thank you, for the payment receipt!”

“Let’s show off what we have purchased!”

“We have fun learning experience with shopping in DAISO !”

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