Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus
29 Aug 2019

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall <br/><br/>Event : “Learning Journey Trails at Jurong Lake Garden” on 30 April 2019 (Tuesday)

NParks is one of our Community Partner for “Start Small Dream Big 2019 – President Challenges” (SSDB 2019) Projects.

On 30 April 2019 (Tuesday), our children had joined NParks’ new Learning Journey at the Singapore Garden Festival Horticulture Show, specially curated for Preschool and Primary School Students. It was part of “Biodiversity Week for Schools 2019” programmes.

This new Learning Journey Trails is located at Jurong Lake Garden. Through this learning journey, children:

i) learn and appreciate about nature with fun;

ii) gain greater awareness of biodiversity of flora and fauna and enhance their knowledge

and interests in the various species in the garden; and

iii) develop a sense of commitment and ownership of the parks and green.

Our children participated in the Learning Trails with binoculars.

“There are many types of animals bookmarks (such as dragonfly, bird etc) for us to choose.

“We are courting the bookmarks that we have chosen.”

“Wow! The map of Jurong Lake Garden is made of LEGO blocks.”

“NParks Officer brings us to tour along the new Learning Trails.”

“Look at this!”

“What’s that?”

“Let’s take a look at this palm!”

“You can grow plants in the water tank.”

“The plants are so nicely arranged in the water tanks.”

“Let’s take a group photograph.”

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