Nur Fahriyah Bte Abdul Rahman

Cherie Hearts Justkidz Pte. Ltd.

Nur Fahriyah Bte Abdul Rahman
6 Sep 2018


Our SSDB project started way back in March. We brainstormed and came out with a tagline of “Unity as A Community”. The K1 and K2 children were involved in this year SSDB. There is something about the orange bucket hat that make us all excited! We came together and discussed how can we save motherearth and spread the message to the community.

We created our pledges on our stars and displayed around our school. It keep us reminded on how we can help mother earth in school and out of school. We were eager to share with the community on our voices of change and we did it through SSDB Virtual launch!

During the period of 2 months, we set up recycling boxes outside our classrooms and brought recycling items to school that we collected at home. We received overwhelming support from the families to join in this movement!

Bringing the campaign further, we had our 2nd Young Entrepreneur’s Day in conjunction with Mothers’ Day that brings unity in the community. We invited the whole school to create crafts that can be given to our dearest mothers. Our teachers helped us too! 

The day has finally arrived!  On 12th May 2018, we opened our doors to families and celebrated Mothers’ Day together.  We set up different stalls that was manned by the K2s. The centre was swarmed by happy faces spending time with each other. We had very good parents partnership that helped us during the event. The K2s did an awesome job in manning the stalls! They were given their salary and certificate for their hardwork. Teamwork make the dream work. 

All proceeds goes to Presidents’ Challenge. 

On behalf of Cherie Hearts Justkidz team,  see you in Start Small Dream Big 2019!

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