Jeannie Tang

Skool4kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow

Jeannie Tang
23 Sep

Celebrating National Day Together with Skool4Kidz @ WLCM (08-08-2022)

The month of August is notably marked as one of the most significant times of the year for Singapore, due to the fact that Singaporeans came together to celebrate National Day and paid tribute to the nation’s 57th year of independence.

The 2-day celebration started off with children singing the National Anthem, reciting the pledge and dancing to the groove through the ‘Dance to the Nation’ workout. A heartfelt song ‘We are Singapore’ was then performed by the children with beaming pride and joy as they did their annual National Day march around the neighbourhood while waving their flags proudly.

The event also highlighted an astonishing ‘Red Lions’ craft done by the children. They drew their own personalised Red Lion parachuter and created their own parachutes using paper plates. After their craftwork is done, they were excited to “fly” their Red Lions around the classroom. They even made the “Wooo” sound as they glided their Red Lions down to the ground.

The children had an amazing time posing for pictures in their red national day clothes too!

On Day 2 of the celebration, the children were introduced to Singapore’s multi-cultural traditional games, such as chapteh, jumping sacks, plastic bubbles, dragonfly sticks, five-stones, and many more. The children had an amazing time and displayed their turn-taking skills and patience when waiting for their turn for each activity.

After the children’s nap time, we introduced the children with Singapore traditional snacks, which the children ate with gusto, especially the colourful Kuih Piring!

The children then took a moment to reflect on Singapore’s multi-cultural & racial traditions and shared their thoughts on how Singapore has become a safer place to live in, and why Singaporeans are proud to be living in Singapore. They also talked about how to uphold the dying traditions by never forgetting to care, respect and celebrate various traditional and Singapore events such as National Day, Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, etc together with their family, friends and their community.

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