Nur Hazimah Binte Mohamed Nassir

Carpe Diem Young Hearts

Nur Hazimah Binte Mohamed Nassir
16 Sep 2022

CDYH SSDB 2022_Kindness towards the environment : Lets Reuse Reduce Recycle!

From the topic of marine conservation, children learnt the link between animals and the environment. Habitats of animals are part of our environment and we have a part to play in keeping it safe and clean as an act of kindness towards animals.

One of the ways in marine conservation is through the 3Rs. Children learned all about reusing, reducing and recycling as part of showing kindness towards the environment.

Parents supported this journey by collecting recyclables at home and sending them to school. Children had a lot of hands on experience in sorting out recyclables based on their materials as well as identifying things that should not be recycled.




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