Lim Ying Ching (Olivia)

Kids' Kingdom CDLC

Lim Ying Ching (Olivia)
2 Aug 2023

Caring for the Seniors

This year, our centre had raised $1050 for the seniors at Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge, thanks to the generosity of the parents. We used the money to buy daily necessities for the elderly there. All the children helped in packing goodie bags for them. The K1 & K2 children also wrote messages and prepared dance performances.

On 19 June 2023, our centre partnered with Hope Worldwide Singapore to visit the elderly at Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge . The parent volunteers joined us in distributing the goodie bags as well. The children played games and performed for the elderly. We saw smiling faces of the elderly during the activities. Let’s take a look at what the children did for this project!

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