Skool4Kidz @ Tampines Greenleaf

20 Aug

Caring For The Environment by Skool4Kidz @ Tampines Greenleaf

The K1 and K2 students from Skool4kidz @Tampines GreenLeaf embarked on an environmental project as it is ever important that we do our due diligence in helping nature to thrive, however we can. As taking care of the environment is vital to not only our own healthy living, but survival of all living things, the school came up with a series of activities to reach the goal of creating a greener environment - in line with Singapore’s aim to be the world’s greenest city.

For our launch party, the teachers introduced videos from the Nparks. The children learnt about various types of trees in Singapore such as the Tembusu, Casuarina and Merati trees.Following that, various activities from the Nparks were implemented such as the “Tree of Hope” using recyclable materials, a “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Campaign” through collaboration with parents to collect recycle materials at home to be used for Art and Craft activities in school, creating a mini garden in school by planting 6 types of plants so as to educate children on the life cycle of plants as well as to instill resposibility and care. Below are the pictures of various activities being carried out in school for our Start Small Dream Big project.

“Tree of Hope” - Upon returning to school after the circuit breaker period, children created trees using recycled materials and wrote down messages of hope on the leaves. They had a show and tell session where they talked about the process of making the tree as well as their hopes as we move forward with the new norm.

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Campaign” - collaboration with parents to collect recycle materials at home to use for Art and Craft Activities in school.

“Reap and Sow Initiave” - collaboration with neighbourhood gardeners to water plants around the school vicinity once a week.

A Mini Garden in School - planting vegetables and flowers (lady fingers, tomato, water spinach, marigold, sunflower and four o’clock) so as to educate children on the responsibility of taking care of plants, enable nature to thrive.

Water Conservation Week - Children took part in a race where they had to use rationed water in a 500ml plastic bottle to complete tasks such as washing cutleries. They learnt to maximise the use of water and awareness of water conservation was highlighted. Children always created Water Wally masks and carried out an experiment to observe how water move.

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