Kelly Chua

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Kelly Chua
28 May 2021

Caring for the Environment: Earth Day 2021 (Upcycled Toys)

Our Kindergarten One children’s Earth Day activity involved the use of recycled materials to create a toy with their parents. They were encouraged to use their creativity to create a toy of any sorts, using recyclables such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottle caps, soda cans, and more.  Here are some pictures of the making process taken at home by the parents:

After completing their upcycled toys, the children had a show and tell and presented their proud creations to the class. It is amazing to see how creative both parents and children are, how they put together recycled materials to create different types of toys.

Some of the toys are interactive, like wheels that can roll, sails on the boat that can be turned, paper rabbit that pops up and down the cup by pulling the straw from below, and more!

Take a look at the creative pieces below:

Well done and a wonderful job everyone!

The next time the little ones asks for a new toy; why no build one together as an option instead of buying one? This simple and fun activity takes little or no costs to build and helps to save the Earth, reduce toy wastes and boost creativity. Happy building!

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