Siti Nariah Binte Abdul Rahim

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok Blk 178 (CC)

Siti Nariah Binte Abdul Rahim
29 Jul

Caring For Our Wheatgrass Plants

Our Centre have recently commenced our Wheatgrass Planting Project. Through this activity, we aim to expand their knowledge in plants, specifically on Wheatgrass i.e the initial steps to plant the seeds and ways to care for the plant as a whole. We hope this project will build a sense of responsibility in their young hearts.

We have asked the children to bring their plants home after a few days in school for them to care for and monitor it closely with their family members. We have humbly requested parents for their assistance to supervise their children to avoid overwatering the plant as well as guiding them on the ways to record their observations in the plant journals provided.

The mini project was a success as we see active participation from children and parents from the day they planted the seeds to the day they harvested the grass!

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