Susie Chng

Jurong Calvary Kindergarten

Susie Chng
5 Aug 2021

Caring.Appreciating.Respecting.Elderly ( care packs for elderly )

As part of our SSDB 2021 Project (Caring Appreciating Respecting the Elderly), the K2 children were tasked to prepare a care pack for our partnered Senior Day-care Centre in Taman Jurong.

The children had a discussion about items to include in the care pack. They made a list of suitable and essential items that would brighten the day for the elderly……..


The care packs were delivered to the day-care centre and the children were delighted to see the happy faces of the Elderlies as they received the care packs.

Through this project, we hope to inculcate in our children the virtues of kindness, caring and appreciation for the elderly, not only at home but also in the community.

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