Caroline Anthony

Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh

Caroline Anthony
17 Jun 2021

Care for Singapore Wildlife and Nature - The adoption process for Ah Meng!

We continued our SSDB journey with the children of N2, K1 and K2, and are proudly working in collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

The children brought their home collaboration project back to school for a Show-And-Tell! The home project “Zoo-In-A-Box” engaged children with their parents to talk about our school project and create their own zoo in anticipation for their field trip to the zoo. Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, we have had to postpone our zoo field trip until further notice. But we have been in close touch with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS)!

Here are some pictures of the wonderful cardstock and paper Zoo-In-A-Boxes that the children made with their families:

This month, we read the picturebook ‘Why did the pangolin cross the road?’ and children were delighted to learn the story of how a pangolin got saved and now lives at the Night Safari with her baby! We reinforced the important role the zoo and WRS plays at animal rescue, as well as learn about the truly special animal – the pangolin – a national symbol of local wildlife preservation!

The children created a roll-up pangolin craft, first colouring and painting, then cutting out the pangolin body and tail, then fixing it together with a split pen, so that the tail can move and the pangolin rolls up into a little ball!

Children went on to read books about endangered animals and went to search and find the pangolins, pointing them out very excitedly. We also added the Sunda Pangolin to our Animal Discovery Wall!

In collaboration with WRS, we will be adopting an animal with the children of N2, K1 and K2! As we have been talking with the children about habitat preservation and saving the trees and living environment of animals, we chose an animal that represents forest and habitat protection and conservation.

The five animals available for adoption under this category are: Bosco the Red Ruffed Lemur, Psota the Pygmy Hippo, Bunny the Two-Toed Sloth, Matahari the Sun Bear, and Ah Meng the Orang Utan!

We introduced each animal to the children and shared with them their unique features and silly character traits. The children each voted for their favourite animal that they would like to adopt. The votes were quite evenly spread among the 5 different animals, and the winner is: Ah Meng the Orang Utan! Ah Meng was only 1 vote ahead of Bunny the Two-Toed Sloth! The children are very excited about adopting Ah Meng and in getting to know her a little better.

We are all delighted to be adopting Ah Meng with the children from Artemis PreSkool @ Woodleigh and are very excited about our close collaboration with WRS and Ah Meng’s Zookeepers!

We will be discussing with the children how we can raise the funds for Ah Meng’s adoption next, and we can’t wait to hear what lovely ideas they will come up with!

Each year WRS saves about 2000 wild animals via their Wildlife Healthcare and Rescue Centre. They play a very important role in wildlife conservation. Our donation and Animal Adoption will help and support not just Ah Meng and her Orang Utan family at the zoo, but also all the wild animals that WRS rescues and cares for.

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