Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon

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Ms Nur Radiah Binte Saadon
15 Oct 2021

Biodiversity - Bobby and The Lost Seed

Title: Biodiversity Week – Bobby and The Lost Seed

Date: 6th July 2021

Class: K1 and K2

Brief Introduction:

During Biodiversity week, a variety of activities were planned to educate and involve children to be a part of the program. Through the PowerPoint presentation, children were able to learn more about plants and animals in depth. Opportunities were given to extend children’s thinking by providing provocation and questioning during the sharing. Children were guided to complete ‘Bobby and The Lost Seed’ activity book together.


1. To share with children about biodiversity.

2. To share about native flora and fauna through PowerPoint sharing and short videos.


1. Teacher Tan began the sharing by introducing the title of the presentation to the children, which is, Bobby and The Lost Seed. 

2. She began sharing about the functions of a seed and benefits of a tree for the animals and humans in the environment such as providing food and air for living things. 

3. Afterwards, she showed a video of ‘Bobby and the Lost Seed. Children were able to focus and showed understanding of the story as they were able to answer all the questions asked by Teacher Tan.

4. Following that, Teacher Tan went through ‘Bobby and the Lost Seed’ activity book with the children.

5. Children enjoyed the session as they complete the activity book together with their peers.


Before the end of the session, class teachers conducted reflection with children by asking children what they had learned through the session and shared their opinion. They also encouraged children to share with family members. 

Biodiversity Week ‘Bobby and The Lost Seed’ on 6th July 2021

“Why are trees important?”

“Because the tree gives us shade!” 

“Let’s complete the maze together!” 

“Connect the numbers to reveal the parrot.”

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