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M.Y World @ Compassvale Ancilla

Tr Eleanor
14 Nov 2023

Befriending the Elderly

A Get- together Session with the Elderly

For this year’s “Start Small Dream Big” project with the theme – Befriending the elderly, M.Y World @ Compassvale Ancilla collaborated with elderly at Precious Active Ageing Centre at Sengkang. It was an overwhelming response with 55 preschoolers from N2 to K2 engaging the elderly in a variety of activities where they were given opportunities to express their care and show respect towards the elderly.

Mother and Child worked hand-in hand in this Collaboration

In addition, children worked together with their mothers in the classroom on Mother’s Day to design a reusable tote bag using art materials and recycled bags to present to the elderly as a gift at Precious Active centre at Sengkang. Also, children learnt the importance of reusing materials and created precious bonding time with their mothers.

Our Preschoolers are Talented Performers 

Children performed National Day theme songs such as “Chan Mali Chan”, “童谣”, “The Road Ahead” and “Shine your light” with choreography during this get-together event.

The children and elderly also interacted with another through sing-a-along sessions. Games such as charades and number bingo game further enhanced the interactions between the elderly and the children. 

Instilling Positive Dispositions in our Preschoolers

Overall, this project was also an excellent opportunity for children to display positive learning dispositions and meaningful core values such as caring and respect.

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