Norhaza Binte Wahab

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Joo Chiat Blk 15 (DS)

Norhaza Binte Wahab
8 Oct 2021

Befriending Persons with Disabilities

The K2 children had a great experience embarking the Start Small Dream Big(SSDB) journey with Community Chest. “They are part of our FAMILY” This is what the K2 teachers emphasized the values of empathy towards children who have learning difficulties or learning disabilities. It prompted them to create a discussion with their peers and teachers.

They were able to relate the discussion as there are peers who are currently attending at our centre. Thus, this creates an empathy towards their peers who need extra guidance from teachers and peers as well.

Apart from that, the Activity booklets and the videos that are provided by ComChest  enhanced their awareness towards children who have learning difficulties and disabilities.

We collaborated with Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDAS) to let children to have the experience communicating with children who have special needs. The children were looking forward to it and it was a good experience for them. Though it was a brief session with the children from Touch Child Care, the K2 children were able to empathize with them. 

They contributed their thoughts and views after the Zoom session. Overall, it was a great learning journey for the K2 children. 

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