Siti Khatijah Senin

Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten

Siti Khatijah Senin
23 Apr 2019

Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten SSBD Project Launch

On 17 April 2019, Assyakirin Mosque Kindergarten launched their SSBD project, ‘Upcycling To Raise Funds’. In this project, the children will be encouraged to create instead of consume by upcycling. All their creations will be showcased in our Start Small Dream Big fundraising event. By embarking on this project, we hope to inculcate values of sharing and caring in the children, as well as help them develop their passion and knowledge to contribute to society.

We started the launch by watching videos on the Start Small Dream Big project. We then went on to discuss real environmental issues and how we can address them through our upcycling project and at the same time, raise funds for the President’s Challenge beneficiaries. We also explored the recyclable materials we collected and the endless possibilities we have in creating something new, as part of our initiative to contribute to our community in this Start Small Dream Big Project.

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