Fabriag Jovylyn Babatio

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru Blk 130 (KN)

Fabriag Jovylyn Babatio
6 Oct 2020

Arts in the Community 2020 (Recycling and upcycling)

Recycling and Singapore Iconic Places

The centre ventured on the project Arts in the Community 2020 as we collaborated with the Innovation Grant 2020 project. This focused on upcycling recyclable materials to recreate the different iconic places in Singapore by constructing familiar places with materials like tissue paper roll, plastic bottles and others.

The project started with asking parents to help us collect recycled materials which will be used to create our Community Arts.

Art lessons such as Kandinsky, pointillism, 3D crafts and others were incorporated in the lesson to get the children inspired to create their craft work. 

Creating Arts using different lines. 

Using colours and shape to create a Kandinsky art.

Constructing with recycled materials

Lessons on Recycling and its impact on the Environment were also done to help the children widen their perspective towards loving the Earth more as well as making Poster about recycling. 

Here are the children showing off their upcycled materials as they created some of Singapore’s Iconic places. 

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