Ong Yen Lyn

Cherie Hearts @ Upper Thomson Pte Ltd

Ong Yen Lyn
17 Sep 2018

Art@Heart - Cherie Hearts @ Upper Thomson

For SSDB this year, the little Cherians have decided to embark upon an art journey. We have crafted the event to be an arts affair comprising of visual and performing arts, to the theme of Eric Carle’s stories.

Our little Cherians started with an in depth study of various artist’s styles like Georges Seurat, Van Gogh, Picasso and also Anthoni Gaudi. From there, they incorporated the the style to the stories, through settings, character and storyline of Eric Carle’s stories ie From Head to Toe, The Very Busy Spider, The Mixed Up Chameleon and The Tiny Seed.

From performing arts angle, they portrayed the stories through different expressive arts styles ie. Shadow show, hand/body movements and sketch. 

The art pieces were auctioned out and the proceeds of $3200 were contributed to Autism Resource Centre Singapore (ARCS). From this initiative, the children realised that there are many ways they can contribute to the society be it, small or big. 

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