Ada Teo Poh Kwang

Pat's Schoolhouse @ Claymore Centre (CL)

Ada Teo Poh Kwang
5 Oct 2020


ART with a HEART. As we fight against a pandemic this year, our teachers brought to our attention that there is a group of children who are unwell. They are more vulnerable now as planet Earth is attacked by COVID-19. So we decided to raise funds for them to pay for their medical treatment.  We embarked on Artful Conversation Innovative Grant Project. We sculpted a few pieces of sculptures individually as well as with our friends. We decided to auction our sculptures to our uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas and our parents to raise funds for the children. We spent almost 3 months working on our sculptures and finally auctioned them and raised $6000/- for Children’s Cancer Foundation! We want to thank our teachers who journeyed with us and our uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas and parents who supported us in the auction! Giving together, K1 children from Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Claymore .

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