Siti Lijah Bte Hassan

An Nur Mosque Kindergarten

Siti Lijah Bte Hassan
21 Sep 2020

Appreciating the noble duty of a zookeeper

During discussion with children about the current situation of social distancing and current pandemic, the children were curious what will happen to the animals if there is no one to take care of the zoo animals. Thus it led us to the topic on the role of a zookeeper.

Being part of the community, zookeepers have a deep sense of responsibility to the animals. Thus the zookeeper see it as their responsibility to provide the very best care for them. If they don’t care for the animals, who will? So, it is important to appreciate what zookeepers had done for us.

Here, the K1 children get to know more about the zookeeper’s duty by watching videos provided by Wildlife Reserves Singapore.  They shared their personal experience about the zoo and were amused by the varied duties of a zookeeper.  They showed their interest by making the sounds and actions of the animals.

For the Nursery level, the teacher did a picture talk about animals that are found in the zoo. They were enlightened on the roles of the zookeeper and understood their own roles as a visitor.  After the picture talk, the children identified a few pictures of zoo animals and played a matching game with pictures of zoo animals.

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