Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)

Mulberry Learning Centre @ Shenton Way OUE

Teacher Philiz (Seraphiliz Peng)
12 Aug

Applying Our Knowledge about Plants 🥼🌿🥽 - How Can We Use Plants in our Daily Lives? (Candles)

Phase 3: Conclusion

The children started off the project wanting to grow their one vegetables for consumption and sustainability. However, after our investigations on the topic in Phase 2, the children wondered if Plants can be used in other ways other than eating them. Hence, the children were facilitated to use other parts of the plants to make things that we use in our everyday lives and that we can use in every household. 

Teacher Philiz first taught the children how to make Mint candles, to allow the children to make something that they can use all 5 senses to experience. Whilst extracting the into oil for our Mexican Mint plant using coconut oil as a medium, the children could taste the mixture and experience what mint tastes like. After making the candles, the childrne brought the candles home and used the candles with their families. The children came back to school the next day and discussed what the candle smelt like, what the heat felt like, observe how the candle melted from wax into a hot oily liquid, and some children even listened very carefully to hear the crackle of the candle wick and observing how each material made a different sound when tapped. E.g.The metal tin made a clinking noise when tapped with their finger nails

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