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Just Kids @ Jurong

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22 Aug 2019

Anyone Can Be A Superhero - Intergenerational Activities

Our Start Small Deam Big project title is “Anyone Can Be a Superhero”. It not only emphasizes how the children, regardless how young, can play a part in being a hero is somebody else’s lives, and also bring their attention as we show appreciation to the everyday heroes around us: people who bring us warmth, our community helpers and elderly who contributed to nation-building. 

As a continual from our past year project, we continued on our monthly visit to All Saints Home to bring joy and companionship to the elderly there.  

During one of our visit, the elderly were preparing for a National Day performance so the children took on an audience role for a change and the elderly were so proud to show off their moves! 

We started off as audience then we decided to join in!

After dancing, we played some games with the elderly.  

The children were seen ernestly helping the elderly and getting them involved in the activities and it is a touching sight to see.

One last performance until we see you next month!

We wish to nurture and retain that goodness in every child and we hope that they grow up cherishing and appreciating people around them.

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