Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson

Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson

Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson
13 May

Agape Thomson SSDB 2024 - Learning Journey to Bishan Park

In the heartwarming snapshot, a group of ST and N1 students, along with their parents, are captured in the midst of our SSDB field trip to Bishan Park. With eager anticipation, they venture through the park, their eyes alight with excitement as they embark on a quest for nature’s treasures.

Armed with curiosity and creativity, the children eagerly explore every nook and cranny of the park, their tiny hands reaching out to collect leaves, stones, and other natural artifacts. Each discovery is met with delight and wonder, sparking lively conversations and shared moments of joy between children and parents.

Captured in this lively scene, on our SSDB field trip to Bishan Park our N2 students are embarking on a thrilling adventure at the park. They are busy decorating their binoculars with stickers.

Armed with their creatively decorated binoculars and accompanied by their teachers and our parents volunteer these little explorers eagerly clutch their checklists.

Each child is on a mission to find specific treasures from nature, ticking off items as they spot them through their binoculars. With focused determination and infectious enthusiasm, they scour the park, checking off items one by one.

From spotting birds perched high in the trees to discovering colorful flowers and interesting insects, every find is met with excitement and celebration.

As they explore, the children learn about the wonders of the natural world while fostering a sense of curiosity and appreciation for their surroundings.

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