Jasra Banu Binte Mohamed Iqubal

Agape Little Uni @ Clementi

Jasra Banu Binte Mohamed Iqubal
2 Sep 2019

Agape little Uni @ Clementi - SSDB 2019 Journey


When we first heard that the K1s are in-charge of this project, we were all very excited! We discussed on different topics that we would like to work on.

“We can do on animals! Like saving animals!” - Isobel “How about we do on plants just like last year? It was so fun planting trees!” - Otevio “Or maybe we can do on loving one another. Like sharing, care, loving everyone the same and being equal because everyone is different in many ways but we must all love one another!” - Kayla

As such, we came to a beautiful conclusion of focusing our project on embracing diversity!

The K1s’ shared that embracing diversity is important and we couldn’t agree more! All of us are beautiful but yet different in many ways! Some may have different hobbies, different features, different likes and dislikes. But as a whole, everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. & the children of K1s came up with this tagline for our project:

That shows that we are all beautifully different, wonderfully the same!


This year, as our part of our effort to embrace diversity, we decided to go Down Syndrome Association (DSA) to make new friends. We had many exciting activities at DSA like a get to know session and games! Look at how the children have fun with the students of DSA!

The in-charge of Down Syndrome Association, Joanne invited us into her class and shared what was Down Syndrome, how they make look different and how the public sees people with Down syndrome. The K1 children shared,

“I am so excited to meet the students of DSA and play together with them.” - Yu Tong “I want to take lots of pictures later with everyone!” - Meredith

The children manage to have a meet and greet session with the students and the students were very friendly towards our K1s. It was extremely heartwarming to see our K1s having lots of fun, talking, hugging and giving high 5s’ to the students of DSA despite their age differences.

We came back to school and decided to have a debrief session from the learning journey to the Down Syndrome Association. The Teachers asked on what are some ways to help DSA or raise awareness on embracing diversity. These are some of the children voices.

“We can donate some of our toys or clothes to the students of DSA.” - Kaylen “We can have more games with them and allow them to get to know more children like us.” - Hovan “How about we do a bazaar just like last year and collect all the money and give it to DSA so that they can use the money.” - Elise


We felt that it was a brilliant idea of doing a fund raising bazaar for the members of DSA. All of us immediately got into action!

The picture above: We made a coaster using clay! We decorated the coaster using sequins and other decorative materials.

The pictures above: We painted on our canvas board. After that the Teachers helped to make it turn into a clock.

The pictures above: We made keychains using the mould and materials provided.

We got the whole school to get involve for our crafts to be sold during the bazaar. The STs’ did hand key chain using clay, N1s’ did a photo frame using ice cream sticks, N2s’ did pencil holder using clay and toilet rolls and panda key chains and the K2s’ did dream catchers using paper plate and strings. Once these crafts were done, it meant our bazaar was just around the corner!!


It was our BAZAAR DAY!! Everyone was so excited to be part of the bazaar! We had a lot of parents involved for this bazaar to either mend the booths or to volunteer to set-up the booths. We also had the Clementi MP to embrace our event by giving a speech on the importance of embracing diversity and giving back to the society at a young age. Look at all the fun activities we did during the whole 2 days of our bazaar!

To top it off, we also had performances from the N2s and K1s. Well done children!

& not forgetting a special gift made by the K1s of Agape Little Uni @ Clementi for the Clementi Mp.

“Thank you for joining our event! We hope you will enjoy yourself today. This is a special gift for you!” - Hanchen & Edmund.

It was a successful event that lasted for two days and we managed to raise a huge some of money for our SSDB project this year! We raised $2480 from the fund raising bazaar and all proceeds have been handed over to the Down Syndrome Association!

We have yet another surprise awaiting for us on 3rd September 2019. We are 1 of the 10 schools selected for SSDB’s Facebook livestream. So till then, this journey is still not over! We’re so excited and elated to be part of this year’s project! Stay tuned for our live-streaming on Facebook on 3rd September 2019 @ 11am!

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