Foochow Methodist Preschool

22 Sep 2022

A Meaningful Interaction

With the focus on befriending persons with disabilities, our SSDB objectives this year include to build awareness, respect and acceptance of people with different disabilities, to show care and empathy, and to create an inclusive community.

During this project, we connected with children from CPAS (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore) through a friendly zoom interaction.

Before meeting CPAS children, we learned about the different challenges faced by persons with disabilities through class activities and an interactive storytelling session conducted by CPAS.

We decided to make butterfly puppets for the CPAS children. This is us posing with our handiwork before packing them for delivery to CPAS. During the zoom session, we were so happy to see our new friends playing with the puppets we made.

We prepared a shadow puppet show where CPAS children were invited to guess the animal from the shadow projected. A short story was presented with the shadow puppets and music accompaniment. We got to know them better as we shared about our favourite animals.

Finally, we carried out reflection and recorded our thoughts on the project in our SSDB journals.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this SSDB project. Sending our love to CPAS children! Thank you for the wonderful collaboration.

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