Yew Shihui

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Cashew Blk 183 (CC)

Yew Shihui
3 Dec 2021

A Little Happiness from Me to You!

As the pandemic hits us, we all struggle in one way or another to find solutions to adapt to changes. Life is never the same and we need to learn to embrace this change. With that, let’s pave the way for the little ones to show them how we can be resilient and spread little happiness around.

Our project ‘A Little Happiness from Me to You!’ is planned to instill gratitude and to spread happiness around through simple actions.

During the Launch Party, we discussed with the children what “Happiness” means to them and most of them have the answer “happy”.

We discuss further using pictures of different scenarios to help children rethink about happiness; what makes the people in the pictures happy?

            (Having discussion with the children) Next, we read a story “Harry the Happy Mouse” which taught the children simply helping others can also bring happiness. It was follow up with a simple activity ‘Pass on the Happiness’. This simple activity aims to demonstrate to the children that we pass on the happiness (represented by a ball) we have, others will gain happiness and it will come back to us eventually.

To end off, children sang and dance to the song “Happiness is something if you give it away.” 

( “Happiness is from the heart and we need to give it away…”)

Watch out for more happiness coming along the way!

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