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9 Nov 2021

'A Care Journey' SSDB week 3: Caring for the community (2) Cookie making bake sale

Following children’s interests in Week 3, the children set out to find out more information about the workers. Having learnt that caring for others means ‘thinking about them’, the children found out more about the Migrant Uncles through video stories and news articles. These articles shed light on the living situation of these workers in Singapore especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

After hearing the stories of the Migrant Uncles, children shared:

‘They might miss their friends or families a lot’ ‘They might be feeling sad or worried from being stuck inside’ ‘They might need more food to eat’

Children’s reflections as they observed the Migrant Uncles outside their window

From their reflections on their learning about the Migrant Uncles, the children brainstormed some ways to show their care. As they thought of the Uncles facing the strict Covid-19 restrictions, some suggested that they would like to help the Migrant Uncles by ‘buying a house for them’. They brought up that the Migrant Uncles might be feeling ‘sad and worried’ hence, another idea they thought of was to send the Migrant Uncles some written notes to cheer them up. Some of the children also brought up that ‘maybe we can give them more food as they might be hungry working so hard’. As they discussed, the children realised that they needed money to be able to carry out their plans and one way was to ask their daddies and mummies for the money.

After much discussion the children decided on making cards and bake sale of cookies to raise funds for a meal for the Migrant Uncles to show their care.

Children made posters to promote their cookies!

It was hard work making the cookies for the bake sale!

Packed and ready to be sold!

Writing our notes of encouragement to the Migrant Uncles!

Stay tuned to see how children’s hopes and dreams for the project come to life!

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