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Charis Yeo
3 Jun 2020

4 September: K1 Equality’s visit to All Saints Home (MFS Sengkang West 2)

As we arrived at All Saints Home, the first thing we did was to engage in a morning exercise activity followed by simple passing games. The warm-up activity helped the children bond with the elderly. Children from K1 Equality stood next to the elderly for the entire activity.

Children in K1 Equality have been practicing for a while now and have been eager to showcase what they’ve got to the elderly. They did a total of three performances, one of which was their “water” song from the inquiry project for term 3. 

For the final segment, children interacted with the elderly by introducing the bee bot to them. They demonstrated how the bee bot is supposed to be played and explained to them what the buttons mean. It was a great chance for the children to interact with the elderly.

Going to All Saints Home was a great experience for children, parent volunteers and us teachers. Although one hour at the home wasn’t exactly enough, children seemed to enjoy themselves. The exercise and games helped them bond and communicate with the elderly. The performance allowed the children showcase what they have been practicing all month. There was not enough time for the children to play the bee bot activity. Overall, children were understood and learnt how to be respectful and use kind words. All the parent volunteers were of great help as they helped facilitate the bee bot activity in groups. For future visits, we might spend longer time there with more parent volunteers to assist the children.

  • Teacher Sajit

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