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Charis Yeo
5 Aug 2019

27 May: K2 Appreciation’s visit to All Saints Home (MFS Sengkang West 2)

Upon arrival, the children performed their shaolin wushu performance as well as one of their Chinese song called ‘Zhi Zu’. Along the way, Miki stepped up to stand in front of her friends to help guide them in the hand movements for the song ‘Zhi Zu’. The elderlies looked very fascinated as they watched the children perform wushu and some even smiled widely when they saw the children performing.

As the Dragon Boat Festival was nearing, the children learned the origin and how to make the dragon boat. The children tried to take the lead in teaching the elderlies on how to create the dragon boat. Some of them coloured the dragon head together with the elderlies, while others took the initiative to ask the elderlies whether they would like to colour together with them and what colour would they like. When the children was not able to do something, they learned to ask the elderlies for help to create more room for conversations with them.

The children presented the dragon boat that they made to the elderlies that they made the dragon boat with. Albeit being sad that they had to part, the children is sure to have left behind some good memories for the elderlies.

At first, the children were very nervous as they were about to perform and also interact with strangers that they have never met before. Thankfully, the children were briefed previously about how the elderlies were different from them and did not ask any offensive questions to them. In fact, the children were very lovely and brought about smiles onto some of the elderlies faces. The children first felt very foreign in having to strike a conversation with the elderlies. With some encouragement and guidance from the teacher and some time to warm up, the children were having a hearty chat with some of the elderlies! Aiden in particular, even managed to ask Uncle Steven his age and even talked about their favourite food. When the children came back from the trip, they were exhausted yet contented. The children shared that they would love to be able to go back to the All Saints Home again. This time, they said with confidence that they will be able to strike up a conversation with the elderlies! Some of them even made it a goal for them to accomplish in the future. It seemed like the children really did enjoy the short chat and interaction with the elderlies. Shy and reclusive children who first came also mentioned that they liked the experience. When asked if they were scared, the children said that they were indeed scared at first, but then after they started talking and spending some time with the elderlies, they realized that they were all the same.

  • Teacher Sufenia

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