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Charis Yeo
5 Aug 2019

23 April: K2 Generosity’s visit to All Saints Home (MFS Sengkang West 2)

To begin, the children participated in a simple morning exercise activity.

The children were guided by the staff and stood alongside the elderly. Their participation provided cheer to many folks there and the children had fun themselves!

The children performed two Chinese songs to entertain the crowd. The elderly were observed to be enjoying the performance and expressed their appreciation for the children’s performance at the end.

As it was the Easter season, the children did an Easter basket with the elderly. They were encouraged to speak to the elderly and guide them in making the Easter basket.

In the process, they learnt a little about the limitations of the elderly and also developed an appreciation for the work that was done together.

As a closure, the children discussed their observations and thoughts of their visit to All Saint’s Home.

“I liked making the Easter basket with the uncle. He was very friendly and he coloured the rainbow so beautifully.” – Tvisha Tripathi

“Some uncles and aunties look very sad. I think we can dance for them more so they will be happy.” – Jamian Yong

“When my mummy and daddy grow old I will take care of them because I love them.” –Evangeline Soh

I thought the visit was a good opportunity for the children to develop a sense of empathy for the elderly by interacting with them and observing their challenges first hand. I was glad that several children stated that they would like to visit the elderly again just to brighten up their day. When my class visited last year, many of them were uneasy and awkward with their interactions because they were afraid. This year they were more bold with their interactions and guided the elderly in the tasks gently. Overall, the visit allowed the children to gain a new perspective on the elderly which encouraged them to develop empathy.

  • Teacher Gloria

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