Little Footprints Preschool (Punggol 107)

22 May

2023 SSDB Launch Party - A Big Thank You to the librarians at Sengkang Public Library

This year, for SSDB Project from Little Footprints Preschool @ Punggol 107, we will be collaborating with the librarians at Sengkang Public Library.

We kick start with the SSDB project by brainstorming with the children on ideas that we can do for this project. The children decided to do a mindmap to gather all the ideas that they had. Next, they did a voting which they choose which idea they like the best.

After discussing with their peers, the children decided to show their appreciation to the librarians. As they feel that the librarians are always helpful whenever they visited the library to borrow books. The children felt that the librarians also did a great job in keeping the library conducive and fun environment for the children. Hence, we decided to collaborate with Sengkang Public Library and to show appreciation to the librarians by giving them thank-you cards and gift hampers. 

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