Jaslene Peh Hai May

Pat's Schoolhouse @ Lakeside (LA)

Jaslene Peh Hai May
13 May

2022 SSDB Launch Party @ Pat's Schoolhouse (Lakeside)

This year, our preschool children embarked on a Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project titled ‘Kindness with Mindfulness’.

We had our SSDB Launch Party virtually on Monday, 25th April 2022.

During this session, our preschool children danced along to the ‘Kindness Dance’ and shared how they can be mindful of their words and actions to spread kindness after the sharing of the story ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ by Carol McCloud.

It was a great start and definitely a good reminder for us, as teachers, and our preschool children to exercise self-regulation, self-reflection and perspective-taking to better understand ourselves and others to spread kindness, love and smiles to everyone.

Do look forward to more updates on our project ‘Kindness with Mindfulness’ as we progress through the year!

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