Farah Syafiqa Binte Jamal

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Spring Blk 528 (DS)

Farah Syafiqa Binte Jamal
29 Jun 2018

14 May 2018 - Field Trip to East Coast Park.

During prior classroom discussions, the children found that many people are endangering the sea creatures such as the otters by littering the land and water bodies in Singapore. An otter died due to poisoning! Hence, we planned a trip to clean up East Coast Park!

We were very worried the morning of the field trip as it was raining very heavily on the roof of our bus as we inched slowly towards the park in the morning traffic. We were so relieved to be greeted by Mr Sun when we reached ECP carpark. Our parent volunteers also followed us to keep us safe during the clean up activity.

Clad with gloves and tongs, we broke into smaller groups and went around the park to see if there are any litter..

We were shocked to find litter NEXT to the rubbish bin! There are “No Littering” signs all over the park but people still littered…

We found even more litter near the beach..

In less than 1 hour, we managed to collect around 10kg of litter!!

We learnt  that we should all do our part to be more responsible in keeping our home clean. We should not take it for granted that there are people who will clean up after as. The smaller animals like the otters, fishes and even birds may suffer!

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