Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas (CC)

Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia
14 Sep 2021

‘The Scoop On Soil’ / Part 2: Activity 1

Making our own compost cups!

After finding out what else we can find in soil, children were engaged in making their own compost cups to investigate the process of decomposition. They often ask what happens to the leaves or the insects that are on and in the soil, so we involved them in making their own compost cups to observe the process of breaking down or decay.

Children went to dig for some soil in our garden to store them in a cup and added some vegetables and fruits (leftover from lunch) into the cups.

At the end of the long process where children have to wait patiently, they learned that matter decays and is turned back into soil. The cups were left in their classrooms for children to go back as and when to make observations and inferences on what is happening in the cups.

Ultimately, children were able to experience and understand the concept of biodiversity and how the each part of nature makes up a cycle.

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