Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas (CC)

Tan Xiao Xian, Lydia
25 Jul 2021

‘The Scoop On Soil’ launch party!

We see soil, walk on soil, and grow things in soil everyday, but we never really recognise how important soil is in sustaining life on Earth. Our children are taking a brave yet essential step in getting to know more about Earth through a series of activities about soil. On 22nd April 2021, we embarked on our journey of soil exploration by having a launch party in our individual classes. Each class (Nursery - K2) created their own SSDB poster and kickstarted a discussion on soil.

Did you see that? We used soil to paint on our posters! Not only was it therapeutic to paint with soil, we also had fun getting the right texture by adding more or less water to the soil mixture. We also took a closer look at how important soil is in planting and in our garden.

Stay tuned for more!

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