Nurhafizah Sa'at

E-Bridge Pre-school (Sengkang)

Nurhafizah Sa'at
16 Sep

‘Stompers’ Ensemble’ <br/>SSDB Expressing our Gratitude

Prior to Teachers’ Day, the Kindergarten 1 children were engaged in a discussion on possibilities to show their appreciation for the teachers. The children from the K1B class then decided to draw, paint and write a short messages in expression of their gratitude.

To begin, the children and teachers had a dialogue to brainstorm for the duties and responsibilities of the teachers where the children shared their observations on the daily routine of the teachers.

Some children had chosen to express their gratitude to the teachers of their siblings too!

The messages that the children include; “I love you, Teacher!”, “Thank you for taking care of my younger sister/brother.”

After much discussion, it was agreed by the children from the K1A class that they would express their appreciation through a performance. The children then started to plan for the musical instruments that they would like to be included for the performance. They also documented their selected musical instrument and they continued to brainstorm to use recyclables and daily objects that can be found in the classroom to create their musical instruments.

The children participated actively to discuss among themselves as they illustrated their ideas collaboratively.

The children then shared their illustration of ideas with their peers and the teachers. They shared about the daily objects that can be included in the performance as the musical instruments. The trio had decided on their musical instruments as ‘shakers/maracas’, ‘tambourines’ and ‘two-tone block’.

The children rehearsed the performance with the musical instrument. In the midst of the preparation, the children figured out that the daily items or objects that can be included as their musical instruments to be used for their performance on the actual day.

The children chose the song titled ‘Thank you Teachers, Thank you’ for their Teacher’s Day Performance.

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