Teacher Izora

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

Teacher Izora
15 Sep

"Kindness is a gift that anyone can gift"

To close the SSDB project, we had a carnival in school to showcase what we have learnt through games. The K1 class set up booth in teaching simple sign language. For the game, children to pick a fruit juice of their choice. They then have to follow the chart on how to sign the fruit of their choice. For the older age group, the children have to spell and sign the fruit juice of their choice.

An awareness kit was also created by the N2 to K2 class. The awareness kit is to be distributed to friend and family. The K1 class create a bookmark. The children paint with blindfolds on to create the bookmarks. At the back of the bookmark are some sign languages that the children have learnt and would like to share with others. 

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