PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 31 (kn)

Block 31 Balam Rd, #01-103
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Revamping the environment

Armed with 20 years of experience running a kindergarten, the Principal has been slowly but surely livening up the centre’s environment since she arrived here at the beginning of this year. She works with the teachers to create a more stimulating and inviting environment for the children as she wants them to feel belonged and eager to come to school.

Nice to meet you

An innovative programme matching children from three different PCF kindergartens as Pen Pals is certainly very interesting and present great learning opportunities for the children.

The K2 children each made a card with a photo and brief introduction of themselves. These were exchanged among the three kindergartens. Children in each kindergarten look through the ‘biodata’ of their peers from the other centre and choose one to be his/her pen pal.

Children were then taught how to write a letter and a post card to their pen pals. A post box is set up in the classroom where children can drop their letters and post cards. The staff will then help them send the letters and post cards to the children from the other kindergartens.

This programme culminated in an outing for these children from the three centres. They could then meet their pen pals in person. Children not only learn to meet peers from other centres, they learn how to write a proper letter and the mail process. This programme allows them to pick up social, language and cognitive skills in a fun and hands-on way.

Latest technology

The centre teams up with Ednoland to provide theme-related activities for their children. However, instead of setting up desktop computers, they have asked Ednoland to provide the children with tablets. This saves space and also allows more children to have access to the activities. Each class has 10 such tablets and more children can get to use the tablets to work on the activities.

Teachers are also provided with iPad to help them in gathering resources and in their teaching. Children can learn in an interactive way when the teachers use these iPad in class.

Increasing the children’s cultural and environmental awareness

The centre celebrates all the major festivals and racial harmony with the aim of helping children understand the cultures of each race.

Children are encouraged to care for the environment by using recycled materials for their art and craft work and decorations used for the various celebrations. They were also involved in community events such as “Let’s clean up our town” to help care for their neighbourhood.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 31 (kn)

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