PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol North Blk 105d (kn)

Block 105d Edgefield Plains, #
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Hands-On Activities

PCF Punggol North Blk 105D believes on hands-on experience to help nurture the students. Through hands-on, the students are able to enjoy themselves while learning, instead of only having theory-based which may be boring for them after a period of time. PCF Punggol North Blk 105D adopts the Central Curriculum which provides holistic learning for the students. The centre provides classes such as Growing With Math, and Jolly Phonics. These lessons are in depth to prepare the students for Primary School. This ensures that the student's knowledge does not lag behind from others once they reach Primary School. "The programmes that we have are appropriate and good for the kids to prepare for primary school. The centre ensures that the students are well-prepared. The activities which the teachers conduct are always considered for the kids' needs," said Ms Irene Choo, a senior teacher who has been working in the centre for 8 years.

Trip to Primary School

PCF Punggol North Blk 105D brings the K2 students to primary schools. This allows the students to know what to expect once they enrol in a primary school. The K2 students will each be paired with primary school students. The primary school students will then bring their buddies around to explore and the K2 students are able to know the routines that they ought to have in future. PCF Punggol North Blk 105D organizes an annual trip to primary schools every year for the K2 students in hope that they will be better prepared for their future endeavour.

Enrichment Classes

PCF Punggol North Blk 105D offers external enrichment classes such as Abacus, Speech & Drama, and Hanyu Pinyin. Besides the students, these enrichment classes are catered to the general public as well. PCF Punggol North Blk 105D caters these enrichment classes to give the parents more options to boost or reinforce their child's learning. The students will be able to learn more skills which may be useful to them in future.

Street Parade

It is not all work and no play for the students in PCF Punggol North Blk 105D. The students get to perform for a street parade every year to commemorate National Day. Each level of students is required to perform a song. This street parade is also joined by other PCF Punggol North centres and primary schools. This event is organized every year to cultivate racial awareness for the students.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol North Blk 105d (kn)

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