PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 (kn)

Block 135 Bedok North St 2, #0
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Learning Is Beyond Classroom

PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 believes that field trips exposed the students more to the outside world. K2 students will be brought to educational trips like the museum, Botanic Gardens, and even field trips like Sentosa! The centre believes that this helps the kids to be better prepared to enter a new environment once they reach Primary 1. It also enhances their learning when they go out to explore the new surroundings. The centre hopes to help the students to learn on-the-go.

Holistic Learning

The centre also provides holistic learning which helps the students in preparing for the future. In this centre, comics-in-education is used to teach the students Chinese. It allows the students to be more expressive and creative like creating short stories.

PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 has a wide range of enrichment classes such as Phonics, Finger Math, Creative Arts, English Speech & Drama, Chinese Speech & Drama, abacus & mental aromatic, and ESI English.

The centre gives the students more exposure to Environment Awareness Day. Moreover, the centre will also celebrate every special occasion like Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day, Mid-Autumn Festival etc. During such special occasions, students are allowed to wear their own costumes to the centre. This brings up the liveliness in the centre and teaches the students about the occasions that they are celebrating.

FLAiR Progamme

PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 has FLAiR programme that helps the kids who are weaker in the English Language. Teachers will identify the weaker students and ACES will give free books to the weaker students. Every day, a pro-FLAiR teacher will help the weaker students during curriculum time. Instead of doing work in the FLAiR room, interactions and playing games are more emphasized here. This also helps the students who are shy and do not speak to others. FLAiR programme provides individual teaching where PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 will bring in 2 students at a time to interact with them. The teacher will then be able to focus more on the weaker students and help them to improve as much as possible.

Bond with Teachers

The turning rate for the change of teachers is very low. This means that majority of the teachers in PCF Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135 have been working there for a long time. Since the turning rate is low, students are more familiar with the same teachers and it makes them less shy as the days go by. "To teach is to touch a life forever", said Suraya Hanita, a senior teacher who has been with the school for 21 years.

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