PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Ayer Rajah Blk 48 (kn)

Block 48 Teban Gardens Rd, #01-248
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Enhancing student’s language

PCF Ayer Rajah Blk 48 emphasizes on cultivating children’s reading habits since young. Every Friday, students from NN/K1/K2 bring home a book to read during the weekends with their parents. At the end of the year, each child will get to keep a book and bring it home.

The idea of bringing home a book on weekends is to get parents to read together with their child. It helps to cultivate a love for reading and also a bonding for the family. Some parents are not free to bring their children to the library and thus bringing home a book is helpful.

The teachers also provided a journal for students. Children are expected to work along with their parents to fill up the journal with the information on the title of the book, who they read the book with, how much they like the book and the reason for liking or disliking the book.

The centre also participated in the FLAiR programmes to help students who have difficulties with reading and writing in English. K2 students will be given more personal attention as the ProFLaiR conducts lessons in smaller group of 4 to 6.

The centre also has the Reading and Writing programme. “The teachers are very helpful. She always give spelling test so my child’s reading and writing will improve,” said Shanthy D/O Subramaniam, one of the student’s mother. P. Umadevi, another mother, added: “The teachers are very friendly and the teaching here is very good,”

The school have a computer corner. The PC is installed with in-house software which has programs related to reading, maths and arts. The software games engaged the children's interests in learning.

Saliha, one of the Nursery student’s mother said: “I enrol my daughter in nursery to capture her interest in learning. My daughter only wants to mix around her siblings. Now there is a change. She mixes around with other children and likes to go to school,”

In the future, the centre will be adopting Jolly Phonics programme for all levels in the kindergarten. All the teachers will undergo Jolly Phonics training before teaching the students.

Enhancing student’s creativity

The centre also fosters students’ creativity by teaching them the different techniques by Oinstein such as creating a drawing from the squiggles. “I just drew them lines so the students themselves have to add in objects and themes,” said Ms Zarinah, the centre’s teacher. “Creativity in art also develops problem-solving skills and critical thinking,” said Ms Ho. For example, students have to think where to draw certain objects and also learn the concept of space to draw art. Students also participated in group projects where the centre believes that group projects are important in helping the students to communicate and interact with each other.

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